Cracked Slate Productions Launches

After many weeks of hard work from our entire team, we are thrilled to announce Cracked Slate Productions! For more information, visit the Cracked Slate Tumblr.


Cracked Slate and Project AoGG (working title) were born on Tumblr out of our collected love for Anne Shirley. Anne is an enduring character imbued with spirit, ideals, and intelligence. Putting her in a modern setting and figuring out what she'd be up to was irresistible.

What started as a whim led to an initial brainstorming session and a creative partnership between Meredith, Hannah, Katie, and Katie. We’ve spent the last six months developing a transformative web series inspired by L.M. Montgomery’s beloved novels. Our growing team of volunteers is passionate about bringing this new story to life.

Explore our new website to learn more about our team and Project AoGG. You can follow us on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook for updates and announcements.

We’re dying to tell you more, but that will have to wait.


Meredith, Hannah, Katie, & Katie
Cracked Slate Productions